Service terms and conditions:

  1. Product scope: includes Rising energy storage batteries, Rising energy storage inverters, and Rising monitoring software.
  2. National and regional coverage: all countries and regions.
  1. Warranty requirements: Generally, a serial number (S/N) must be provided to request a warranty. Basically, the standard warranty period is 5 years from the date of installation and no more than 5 and a half years from the date of delivery from the Rising factory.
  2. Please keep the original purchase invoice/installation file or receipt carefully. If necessary, customers need to present it for warranty claims.
  3. Warranty commitment validity period: strictly in accordance with the formal sales contract signed with Rising. If no sales contract is signed, the terms and conditions on the Rising warranty card and this service commitment document shall prevail.

Service commitment:

1) The service hotline of the local service center of Rising is not the same everywhere, please check our local service center in your country/region.

2) Service email:

3) Provide 365*7*24 hours of remote technical support services.

4) Once we receive a customer’s phone consultation, we will respond within one hour. Once we receive a customer’s email consultation, we will respond within 2 hours.

Spare parts supplement plan:

1) Based on sales records, Rising ensures that each spare parts center has a safe number of spare parts. This helps us establish a quick response replacement request.

2) With a safe level of spare parts supplement, generally, Rising can send out service spare parts within 2 working days.

3) Once the agreed warranty period (10-year standard factory warranty or extended warranty) expires, Rising can still provide customers with spare parts at a price not exceeding the previous order price on the contract. Customers are eligible to order spare parts for any product from Rising. We will provide spare parts at reasonable prices to ensure stable performance of Rising products.

4) If Rising company stops producing a certain product or accessory, Rising company will formally notify direct buyers at least 6 months in advance.

Other important notices:

Customers can contact Rising by phone, email, instant messaging software and other methods. Customers need to fill in the “Warranty Claim Form” according to the instructions of Rising company and send it to us by email. The following are the basic information required for warranty claims:

1) Product model, serial number.

2) System configuration details (each group of battery packs, number of battery packs, parallel or series connection scheme, grid type, grid voltage level, grid frequency level).

3) Fault description (error message or error code on the LCD screen. Pictures or other fault information)

Please note that Rising has the final interpretation right for this service commitment.

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